Save, annotate, search, and display teaching cases like never before!

STELLA is the STanford Electronic Learning Library and Applications software suite.  With Stella, a user can instantly send a case from PACS to our web application, add essential or detailed metadata, display images and create custom annotations and teaching projects and worklists.  

The ability to capture and manipulate imaging data and to create customized, structured metadata opens up a whole new world of possibilities for radiology teaching and beyond.  Feel free to contact us for more information if you would like to see how your institution could become a Stella Site! 

Show multiple modalities, such as the ultrasound and contrast-enhanced MRI for this 35-year-old woman with focal nodular hyperplasia.

Add graphic annotations such as arrows, circles, or polylines to highlight findings such as this case of left upper lobe collapse.  Turn the graphics on and off for teaching purposes.

Compare anatomy and pathology ACROSS multiple patients, such as this montage of four individuals with ACL pathology. All image stacks are scrollable with pan/zoom and window/level display just as on clinical PACS.

The Media Export functions make it incredibly easy and quick to save images or movies and to add these to a slide deck.  Anything you do in a viewport such as pan/zoom, or scroll can be captured for amazing presentations!

This is a sample PowerPoint deck downloaded instantly to your computer.  Stella Media Export can markedly reduce the amount of time needed to create compelling slides and overall presentations.  Images can be added across multiple imaging studies and patients in a single session.